Clubspark Guidance


Court bookings can now be arranged via the online booking facility Clubspark making it easier to see when courts are free and to book them for social play/coaching and STC inter club matches. 

Clubspark Invitation

STC members should have received an invitation via email to register with Clubspark. Click the link contained in the email and proceed to the next step. 

Please contact the Clubspark administrator (Squash Jackson - See 'Contact us' page for contact details) if you have not received an invitation to register with Clubspark before. 

Clubspark Registration

You will be taken to the page above and here you can decide to register with Clubspark or register using your LTA, Facebook, Google or Microsoft login details. 

If you are an LTA member, we would recommend that you register using LTA username and password. 

Clubspark Login

Always use the same login each time that you access Clubspark. Therefore, if you registered with Clubspark using your LTA details, you will need to login using your LTA details on every occasion. 

99% of the errors with login are caused by users logging in using different details to those registered with Sudbury Tennis Club. 

Clubspark Profile Page

After registering you will then be taken to your profile page which will have options for you to 'manage your court bookings' and 'book a court'. You will also be able to see your membership information with STC and the status set as 'active'. 

Clubspark Court Booking 

Use the above link each time that you wish to access the court booking system. You will be asked to sign in and you will then directly be taken to the court booking page.

Click the above link from the Clubspark website for further support on using the court booking system.